Open source RESX tools

The RESX project gathers several open tools to edit and operate RESX files.

Sourceforge RESX project page.

RESX Editor

Resx Editor is a small translation-oriented file editor.

Screenshots: main editing view

Download: version 1.2


Resx2word and Word2resx

Command-line utilities to convert your Microsoft RESX 2.0 resource files into Microsoft Word 2003 documents (and vice-versa). The purpose of such a conversion is to let the translators work in a more convenient and familiar environment (i.e. MS Word) as opposed to raw XML files editor.

Screenshots: resulting Microsoft Word document

Download: version 1.0

USAGE: resx2word.exe InputRESX OutputWORD

    - InputRESX: the path of the RESX document.
    - OutputWORD: the path of the Ms Word document.

USAGE: word2resx.exe InputWORD OutputRESX

    - InputWORD: the path of the Ms Word document.
    - OutputRESX: the path of the RESX document.


By Joannes Vermorel